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Incubation Hatchling Free Range
The Coop I Don't Know

Building brands for emerging businesses.


We put you at the core of your brand.

Branding is more than sexy graphics and SEO. It’s an expression of your vision, your offer, and the value you bring to your industry. Whether you just bought your magic bean, or you’re already halfway up the beanstalk, there is a place for you here. Based on our experience with entrepreneurs, artists, small businesses and everything in between, we’ve developed a number of recommended and customizable programs to help jumpstart your brand. We also offer our services on an individual use basis. Contact us for more information.

First Program:


You have an idea but you need help turning it into something more.

Get the RedBrick Rooster Inc. Personal Branding Toolkit, which includes a number of exercises to begin shaping your vision, offer (whether service or product), and brand values. One-on-one brand visioning and coaching sessions to flesh out your brand. Access to exclusive online content. Discount on all workshops.

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Second Program:


Incubation with the added perks of a logo and brand guidelines.

Includes everything from the Incubation package as well as a logo design and brand guidelines to ensure that your future content is branded consistently.

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Third Program:

Free Range

Our most inclusive program. We help you hatch and grow your business.

Includes everything from the Incubation and Hatchling packages as well as custom website design and development.

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Fourth Program:

The Coop

Participate beyond your basic business needs.

Expand your brand with additional print collateral, motion graphics, video, online UX, in depth content and marketing strategy consulting, as well as other creative learning opportunities. Never stop growing!

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Toni Van Eeden

Director of Creative Strategy, Partner

I am a long time believer in taking the rules apart and building new ones! Just ask my mother—she taught me. Building a business is difficult not just because of all the often-tedious administrative tasks, but because there are so many pressures and expectations we bring with us from traditional work environments. Entrepreneurship is different. It’s a chance to build something from the inside out. We forget to look at our personal lives as inspiration for our professional selves and often see it as something that needs to be censored or scheduled around to thrive in our careers. But what if your personal life can become the cornerstone of your brand, the key indicator of your method and style of business, the greatest value you can add to your industry? Wouldn’t that be kind of amazing?

Eric Rochon

Creative Director, Partner

We communicate without words as much, if not more, than we do with them. There is a unique freedom in how we show ourselves to the world. Visualizing a brand should be unconstrained, playful, and creative. Your visual brand doesn’t just act as an amazing tool in sales and customer experience, but can be an excellent symbol of your vision as you work to grow your business. I’ve worked with companies large and small, arts organizations, festivals, local musicians, and everything in between. So what have I learned? Creative brands come out of a strong vision, collaboration, and bravery in asking for help
from the experts.


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